Second Edition of The Geology of Ireland launched by TCD Professors

Posted on: 07 May 2009

The second edition of the reference book The Geology of Ireland, edited by Professor Charles Hepworth Holland and Dr Ian Sanders, of the discipline of Geology at the School of Natural Sciences in TCD, was launched on May 5th last in the Royal Irish Academy.  The book is a definitive guide to the geological history of the island of Ireland as a whole.

The completely revised edition of the Geology of Ireland is the culmination of ten years of research since the original publication.  It traces the geological history of Ireland and explains its formation in geological sequence, including economically important off-shore geological areas.  The book, which includes colour illustrations throughout the text, acts as a current and comprehensive resource for those looking to understand the geological history of Ireland and the forces that have formed the island.

Speaking about the book Professor John Parnell, Head of the School of Natural Sciences at TCD said: “The knowledge of Ireland’s geological make-up owes much to the researchers and scientists who investigate and explore its diverse landscape.  This bookdraws on the expertise of geological specialists from across Ireland and the inter-university collaborative effort that was undertaken to produce what will be a valuable long-lasting reference.”

Professor Charles Hepworth Holland is a retired Professor of Geology and Mineralogy at the School of Natural Sciences where, as a Fellow Emeritus, he still works.  In 2008 he was awarded with a Royal Irish Academy Gold Medal in the Environment and Geosciences and the Lapworth Medal from the Palaeontological Association.  Dr Ian Sanders is Senior Lecturer in Geology at the School of Natural Sciences and in 2008 organised the distribution of Six Common Kinds of Rocks from Ireland to 5,000 schools nationwide.