International Molecular Biology Expert Delivers Eurolife Distinguished Faculty Lecture at International Cancer Conference

Posted on: 28 May 2009

Emeritus Professor at the Faculté de Médecine of the Strasbourg University Pierre Chambon, known as the father of modern molecular biology, delivered the EuroLife Distinguished Faculty Lecture at Cancer 2009, the 7th International Cancer Conference in Trinity College Dublin recently.  

In his lecture, Professor Chambon outlined new model systems that he has developed, which have helped gain new insights into the biology of a number of malignancies including prostate and skin cancer.  In addition, in an informal session with postgraduate student from programmes in Trinity College Dublin and University College Cork, he gave the students a history of how molecular biology developed outlining the significant role he played in linking science and biology to medicine.

Commenting on the significance of the scientist, Chairperson of the Cancer Conference 2009 and Associate Professor in Clinical Medicine at TCD, Professor Mark Lawler said: “Professor Chambon has made seminal discoveries in the understanding of how genes work, painstakingly identifying the key events that control how and when genes are switched on/turned off.  His were the key discoveries in relation to nuclear receptors, molecules which are one of the key perpetrators of cancer when they are damaged.”

Eurolife is a network of seven leading European medical schools, currently chaired by Trinity College Dublin, which aims to perform joint research of the highest academic calibre while promoting joint postgraduate training at the European level. The Eurolife Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series (EDFLS) is a Trinity College driven initiative, where an eminent scientist from one of the Eurolife Institutions delivers a state of the art lecture at one of the partner Institutions and engages both with faculty staff and principal investigators, while also meeting postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

“The Eurolife Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series (EDFLS) represents a unique opportunity to listen to and engage with an international leader in science and medicine,” said Head of the School of Medicine and current Chairperson of Eurolife, Professor Dermot Kelleher. 

“This event represented a unique opportunity to hear one of the foremost scientists of his generation, reflecting on a career of unsurpassed excellence, in which he contributed significantly to some of the main discoveries in gene expression and transcriptional control, which inform our understanding of the molecular biology of the cell and the development of human disease,” stated Director General of Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), Professor Frank Gannon. Professor Gannon worked in the laboratory of Professor Chambon during the 1970’s and has a unique insight on this renowned scientist.