An Initiative to Enhance the ‘Trinity Experience’ – 4th Week – Launched

Posted on: 23 October 2009

The Fourth Week initiative was launched by the Central Societies Committee (CSC) this week (19th – 23rd October) to highlight the central role student led societies have during a students’ time in College.  The CSC’s initiative highlights the level of student commitment to societal activities and how that enhances the ‘Trinity Experience’, fosters a sense of collegiality amongst the College community and plays a vital role in student retention within the University.  At the launch a representative from each of the 101 College Societies were joined by key figureheads from the College community.

The 4th Week initiative, due to take place during the fourth week of Michaelmas Term each year, included a set of programmes and proposals by the CSC on ways the breadth and scale of activities on offer within TCD could be promoted.  One endeavour of particular interest was the launch of the Dorian Gray Project which will give both students and staff an opportunity to have their portraits taken for inclusion in a digital ‘time capsule’.  Named after one of TCD’s most famous alumni, Oscar Wilde, whose novel The Picture of Dorian Gray tells a tale of youth and beauty, the Dorian Gray Project plans to release the images to all participants after the course of a decade.

Another part of the project will see the photos rendered into miniature format where they will be used to make up a mosaic portrait of the College.  This portrayal of the College will represent the living element that embodies College life, symbolised by a group of instants in time.

Joseph O’Gorman, Honorary Treasurer, CSC; Prof Cyril Smyth, Honorary Chairman, DUCAC; Lucy O’Connell, Administrative Officer, CSC and Robert Kearns, Chairperson, CSC.