Trinity College Dublin's School of Engineering is gearing up for an enlightening webinar showcasing the pioneering research project, REHEATZ (Recovering Embedded Heat in Zambian food production), led by Professor in Energy and the Environment; Aonghus McNabola from the Department of Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering. The webinar is scheduled for 11:30 to 12:30 Zambian time (09:30 to 10:30 Irish Standard Time).


The REHEATZ project aims to revolutionise the economic and environmental sustainability of food production in Zambia by identifying opportunities to recycle waste heat from food production processes. By focusing on wastewater heat recovery technology, the project seeks to minimise energy costs and carbon emissions associated with water heating, thereby reducing overall operational costs and environmental impact.


The webinar agenda includes insightful sessions on:


  • Wastewater Heat Recovery Opportunities and Pilot Demonstration
  • Opportunities for Societal Impacts
  • Addressing the Challenge in Practice: Panel Discussion
  • Question & Answer Session


This initiative aligns with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13 to combat climate change while enhancing the sustainability of food production in Zambia.

The project team, in collaboration with Zambian stakeholders from industry, government, and the community, aims to:

  • Engage stakeholders to understand their needs and vision for reducing fuel use and carbon emissions.
  • Assess the feasibility and potential impacts of wastewater heat recovery in various Zambian industry sectors.
  • Co-design waste heat recovery systems tailored to the Zambian context.
  • Implement and commercialize waste heat recovery solutions across multiple locations and scales.

One of the core partners, Zambeef, Zambia's largest vertically integrated agribusiness, is deeply involved in this endeavour. Their commitment to sustainable business practices makes them an essential contributor to the project.


The webinar is supported by Science Foundation Ireland and Irish Aid through the Department of Foreign Affairs of Ireland, underscoring its significance in the realm of international cooperation and sustainable development.


To participate in this transformative event, register below:


WEBINAR: Recovering heat from wastewater in food and beverage production


Date: Friday 1st March

Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm Zambian Time (09:30am – 10:30am Irish Standard Time)