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Trinity Engineering Alumni Newsletter Issue 5 (PDF, 1.57mB)


Celebrating 175 years of Engineering at Trinity on 15 November


You are very welcome to the TCD School of Engineering, an institution rich in tradition and progressive in outlook.

The School was founded in 1841 and is one of the oldest Engineering Schools in the English speaking world. The Baccalaureus in Arte Ingeniaria (BAI) degree was established in 1872 and early graduates played a major role in the development of local government services and infrastructure in 19th century Ireland, whilst others contributed as far afield as India, Australia, Africa and Japan. In addition to many famous engineers, the list of graduates includes landscape artist, Nathaniel Hone, and songwriter, Percy French. Well-known graduates of more recent vintage include Chris Horn of Iona Technologies and John McGuire of Trintech.

Brief History of the School

Latest News

B514df379e0ec331fca3056cc28d2572The School of Engineering will celebrate 175 years on 15 November, 2016

To mark 175 years of Engineering at Trinity, a number of celebratory events have been organised for Tuesday, 15 November including the Macneill Lecture and a Gala dinner.
24 October 2016

Multidisciplinary team develops automated method for detecting breast cancer

An international team comprising engineers, mathematicians and doctors has applied a technique used for detecting damage in underwater marine structures to identify cancerous cells in breast cancer histopathology images.
21 October 2016

Jones Engineering GroupKinsella Scholarship opportunities in Engineering announced by Jones Engineering

Applications are now open for 2016 Kinsella Scholarships for second year Engineering and Engineering with Management students.
10 October 2016

Conor Buckley, Tomas Gonzalez Fernandez and Pedro Diaz PaynoBringing humanitarianism into Engineering with 3D printed devices

A design and innovation module run by Assistant Professor Conor Buckley is pushing the boundaries of traditional education with the use of 3D printing technology.
4 October 2016

Bruce MisstearAssociate Professor Bruce Misstear elected Secretary General of the International Association of Hydrogeologists

Associate Professor Bruce Misstear from the School of Engineering in Trinity College Dublin was elected as Secretary General of the International Association of Hydrogeologists at its recent congress in Montpellier France.
2 October 2016

Trevor OrrAssociate Professor Trevor Orr elected to Fellowship of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Associate Professor Trevor Orr, who will retire at the end of this week after a career-long commitment to Trinity College Dublin, has been elected to Fellowship of the Institute of Civil Engineers.
28 September 2016

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