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European Research Council Grants at Trinity

Trinity researchers have performed exceptionally in the ERC Programme and Trinity has consistently been the top Irish university for grants secured.

Trinity welcomes applications from both internal and external candidates to support top researchers across all fields of scholarship and all career stages. To explore the option of applying for an ERC grant through Trinity contact the Research Development Office.

ERC Grants at Trinity

Year Principal Investigator Project Grant
2018 Aline Vidotto ASTROFLOW CoG
2018 Maria Brenner TechChild StG
2018 Larisa Florea Chemlife StG
2018 Susan Flavin FOODCULT StG
2018 Luke O'Neill Metabinnate ADG
2017 Rhodri Cusack FOUNDCOG ADG
2017 David Finlay DC_Nutrient COG
2017 Aoife McLysaght DOUBLE EXPRESS COG
2017 John Goold ODYSSEY StG
2017 Eduardo Ruiz-Hernandez REACT StG
2017 Kate Maguire Superstars StG
2016 Tomas Ryan MEME StG
2015 Jonathan Coleman FUTURE-PRINT AdG
2015 Valeria Nicolosi 3D2DPrint CoG
2015 Martin Sokol GEOFIN CoG
2015 Lydia Lynch FAT NKT StG
2015 Aidan McDonald HurdlingOxoWall StG
2015 Mary Rogan PRILA StG
2014 Poul Holm NorFish AdG
2014 Ruth Britto CutLoops CoG
2014 Danny Kelly JointPrint CoG
2014 Anna Davies SHARECITY CoG
2014 Wolfgang Schmidt Supramol CoG
2014 Mark Ahearne EyeRegen StG
2014 Caitriona Lally FibreRemodel StG
2014 Redmond O'Connell Human Decisions StG
2014 Sarah McCormack PEDAL StG
2013 David Hoey CiliaMechanoBio StG
2012 Daniel Bradley CodeX AdG
2012 John Boland COGNET AdG
2012 Peter Humphries Oculus AdG
2012 Aoife McLysaght DOSE StG
2012 Stefano Sanvito QUEST StG
2011 Valeria Nicolosi 2DNanoCaps StG
2010 Luke O'Neill MicroInnate AdG
2010 Jonathan Coleman SEMANTICS StG
2010 Daniel Kelly STEMREPAIR StG
2009 John O'Doherty RLPHARMFMRI StG
2007 Stephen Connon NBO StG