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Irish Universities Association (IUA) Guidelines for

Contract Researcher Salary Scales


IUA Researcher Salary Guidelines webpage - use the figures in the IUA salary scales.

When putting together a budget for a proposal, the appropriate scales must be used to include the costs associated with the employment of a researcher on a fixed-term contract. The scales include gross salary, 11.05% employer's PRSI contribution, and 20% employer's pension contribution. No inflationary increases are currently included.


SFI Grants Team Member Budgeting Scale

As of January 2022, applicants to SFI should consult the SFI Grant Budget Policy and Team Member Budgeting Scale.

Annual Increment

It is College policy to include an annual increment unless this is not allowed by the sponsor.

Salary Total Cost

The total cost of the salary should include employer contributions for PRSI and pension. This should be used for all sponsors (both Exchequer and non-Exchequer). If in doubt, please contact the Research Development Office (Email).

Other Salary Scales

Trinity Staff Salary Scales e.g. Technical Officer, Medical Scientist.

Student Fees and Stipends for Grant Applications

Applicants should consult the Postgraduate Fee Schedule. Fees typically increase by approximately minimum 3% per annum in any given year. There is no set amount for stipends - applicants should check the sponsor's guidelines.