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Research Integrity at Trinity

Raising Research Misconduct Concerns at Trinity

Trinity Research deals with concerns involving Research Integrity/Misconduct which is essentially any research where misconduct is alleged to have occurred (e.g. fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism in proposing, performing, or reviewing research, or in reporting research results).

General concerns from the public are referred to the College Secretary’s office

Trinity's research integrity process is outlined on p. 6 of the Policy on Good Research Practice.

How to raise a concern about research integrity

Please send an email to the confidential email address and include the following information:

    • your contact details and affiliation (eg. school, faculty, or other affiliation, or member of the public)
    • the name of the Trinity School, Discipline, Faculty, or other affiliation your concern is about
    • the specific nature of the concern and what precipitated it
    • when the event occurred
    • include details of the alleged research integrity breach/ misconduct and relevant supporting documentation
    • further supporting documentation can be appended as required
    • please be as specific as possible and provide as much detail as possible so that your concern can be appropriately addressed.

*** At every stage of this process there is a guarantee of confidentiality and discretion. ***