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Christine Casey

Professor Christine Casey

Professor in Architectural History

Research interests

I am an architectural historian with a particular interest in the relationship of architecture and decoration and the role of craftsmanship in architectural production. My research has developed from an initial focus on Irish eighteenth-century architecture to a broader interest in European early modern architecture. In  2019 I received an Irish Research Council Advanced Laureate Award for a four-year project entitled ‘Craft value: the agency and impact of craftsmanship in the architecture of Britain and Ireland, 1680-1780’. This research will explore the relationship between design and making and aims to produce the first over-arching study of the relationship of architecture and craftsmanship in early modern Britain and Ireland.

Selected Publications

  • Christine Casey and Patrick Wyse Jackson editors, The Museum Building of Trinity College Dublin (Dublin, 2019) 386pp.
  • Making magnificence: architects, stuccatori and the eighteenth-century interior, New Haven and London, Yale University Press, 2017
  • Christine Casey & Conor Lucey(eds), Decorative plasterwork in Ireland and Europe, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2012,266pp.
  • C. Casey ed., The eighteenth-century Dublin town house (Dublin, 2010) xxiii + pp.286
  • C. Casey, An introduction to the architectural heritage of County Louth, National Inventory of Architectural Heritage (Dublin, 2008) 132pp
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  • C. Casey, Dublin (New Haven & London, 2005) 756pp
  • C. Casey, Newly discovered building accounts for Charlemont House and the Casino at Marino’,, Apollo, CXL, (448), 1999, p42 – 50
  • C. Casey, 'A Dublin pirate at the Huntington', Huntington Library Quarterly,, 61, (1), 1999, p93 – 99
  • C. Casey, 'The Regency House in Ireland', The Regency Great House, Oxford University, edited by Malcolm Airs , University of Oxford, 1998, pp39 - 48
  • C. Casey, De architectura: an Irish eighteenth-century gloss, Architectural History, xxxv, 1994, p80 - 95
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All of my teaching is in architectural history and historiography. For junior freshmen I deliver a survey course in European architecture. Two current optional courses cover respectively Italian architecture 1400-1680 and European architecture 1800-2000. My senior sophister class on Irish architecture and ornament relates directly to current research and involves the students directly in developing the topic. Current post-graduate students are working on Irish architectural topics of the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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Contact Details

Department of the History of Art and Architecture,,
Trinity College,
Dublin 2.

Telephone: 00 353 1 8963396
Fax: 00 353 1 8961438