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Undergraduate Diploma in the History of European Painting

Mainie Jellett, Abstract no. 1,  TCD Collection

Course Administrator: Dr Angela Griffith
Lecturers: Staff in the History of Art Department
Duration of the Course: One academic year (two x 12-week semesters)
Contact hours: 2 lectures and 1 seminar per week

This course of approximately forty lectures provides an historical survey of European art and design and its broader context. It covers major periods of art including Classical, medieval, , Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionism, Modernism and post-modernism. Significant themes and individual artists are considered in more detail.

While presented chronologically, the course will include thematic lectures introducing the critical analysis of objects and considers such matters as practice, making and contexts.

In addition to the lectures, registered students attend a weekly seminar.

Assessment comprises visual tests, essays submitted throughout the year, and a viva voce / oral exam held in April / May. The student who receives the highest grade is awarded the Purser-Griffith Scholarship. Contact hours; 3 hours per week comprising two lectures and one seminar

As an introductory course, no previous experience in the study of art history is necessary for intending applicants and it is designed as a part-time course. However, students will be required to do independent study and full attendance of all classes is strongly advised.

Diploma students have access to Trinity College library facilities


Lectures are held twice per week and seminars once per week, usually on the same day(s) as the lectures. Lectures and seminars take place during office hours. The days and times of the lectures are posted as soon as they become available, usually a month before the start of the course.

How To Apply

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The deadline for applications is 30 June 2022

For further information contact:

Department of the History of Art and Architecture
Arts Building
Trinity College
Dublin 2

Past Diploma Graduates - invitation

To all Diploma graduates
If you are interested in attending future departmental events - open days, lectures, symposia, etc. please connect with TCD Alumni