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Scholarship Examinations

Foundation Scholarship

(See the College Calendar for precise information on the current academic year)

The College offers annually a number of valuable and prestigious Foundation Scholarships, election to which is based on competitive examinations. Intending Scholarship candidates usually enter for the examination in their Senior Freshman year. The standard required for an award is exceptionally high and successful candidates will normally have attained a First in the Junior Freshman examination.

Potential candidates should discuss their entry well in advance with the teaching staff. The examination takes place during the January vacation. Formal notice that the student intends to sit the scholarship exam must be given by a closing date in late October, using the prescribed entry form.

Joint honors candidates are examined in both their subjects. In the History of Art and Architecture the examination consists of two papers, an essay paper lasting three hours, and a photographic paper lasting 90 minutes. The papers relate to material covered in the JF year, and in the Michaelmas term of the current academic year. These details may be modified from year to year, so check with the Head of Department if you plan to apply.

The names of successful candidates are traditionally announced by the Provost on the steps of the Examination Hall on Trinity Monday.

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