World Bank Vice President for Africa Speaks at Trinity

Posted on: 21 January 2013

Makthar Diop, World Bank Vice President for Africa, recently delivered a presentation on the ‘The World Bank and its Work in Africa – Opportunities and Challenges for the Future’ at a seminar hosted by Trinity International Development Initiative (TIDI), in collaboration with Irish Aid, the Institute for International Integration Studies (IIIS) and the Development Studies Association of Ireland (DSAI).

Charing the event, Professor Martina Hennessey, Chair of the Trinity International Development Initiative, stated: “During the Trinity Development Research Week, which focussed on challenges to international development after 2015, it emerged that in the future some aid may be provided in the context of foreign direct investment in African economies. This would provide greater linkage between African economies and Irish industries. While that is very welcome the success of such a strategy would critically depend on excellent governance structures and ethical business practices being in place.”

Prof Ronnie Munck, DSAI, Prof Philip R. Lane, TCD, Dr Martina Hennessey, Chair of TIDI, Makthar Diop, World Bank Vice President for Africa.

Makthar Diop described the experiences of the World Bank in Africa: “What is a bit of a concern is that because of the discovery of minerals and oil and gas in our countries there is more and more pressure on policymakers to mortgage the future revenues coming from these resources and therefore put these countries on a path which is not sustainable. I think one of the reasons for aid over the next few years would be to help those countries to bridge that transition”. On the same subject Makhtar Diop went on to say; “What we are trying to do right now is level the playing field in the negotiation of contracts”.

Other speakers included Trinity’s Philip Lane, Whately Professor of Political Economy and Research Associate, IIIS and Professor Ronnie Munck, of the Development Studies Association of Ireland.