Voluntary Tuition Programme celebrates its 20th anniversary

Posted on: 09 February 2006

The Voluntary Tuition Programme (VTP) at Trinity College celebrates its 20th anniversary today (Thursday 9 February) in the knowledge that more than 5,000 local primary and second-level school students have benefited from the programme since its inception. The VTP is a student-community partnership between Trinity students and parents and volunteers from Pearse Street and Ringsend to promote education among school pupils.

VTP cake

Every year the VTP matches 400 TCD students, graduates and staff with children studying in nearby schools. These pairs spend an hour per week working together on homework and other education activities. The VTP with its partner, the St. Andrew’s Resource Centre, also runs a number of smaller educational programmes such as educational clubs (Drama, Arts and Crafts, French and Irish), the Voluntary In-School Initiative for Teaching (VISIT) which teaches French and Science at primary level, and Language Classes.

“The ultimate aim of the Voluntary Tuition Programme is to inspire and encourage the participants – to show that with a solid education almost anything is possible. At primary level this involves helping to build a child’s self esteem and confidence, to demonstrate that learning is important but also enjoyable. At secondary level the emphasis is shifted to assisting students prepare for the Junior and Leaving Certificate – a task found daunting by many”, explained TCD student Damian Hanlon, Vice Chairman of the VTP. 

“The Programme’s success is thanks to all those who have volunteered and contributed over the past 20 years. The partnership of community members with Trinity students has helped local children to avail of educational opportunities and qualifications and skills which will help them compete on an equal footing to secure employment in the Irish economy”, Damian Hanlon continued.

The Programme is funded by the Trinity Association and Trust, TCD’s Students’ Union, and a number of targeted private donations in cash and in kind. The anniversary celebrations are being sponsored by the Bank of Ireland.