US Open Days – experiencing Trinity stateside

Posted on: 06 April 2017

A record number of over 600 people attended Trinity’s recent series of Open Days across five cities in the US organised by the Global Relations Office.

Held in Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, New York and Washington DC at the end of March and beginning of April, the expanded US Open Days were the most successful to date. This is the fourth year that Trinity has held US Open Days which have become an important fixture in the calendar of Trinity’s international events.

Trinity’s Open Days are aimed at prospective US students and their families who wish to discover more about the Trinity education and student experience. With Open Day teams involving academics, staff from key support areas including Academic Registry, local Trinity alumni and Trinity students on exchange in the United States, they bring a strong sense of Trinity community and recreate the sense of a campus visit.

Attendees experienced virtual campus tours, and heard from staff on the Trinity education and ethos, along with details on course programmes and student life. They also had the opportunity to hear directly from some of our alumni in the US on the value of their own individual experiences at Trinity and how it impacted on their lives and careers with the overarching aim of answering the question “Is Trinity right for me?”

The annual Open Days have been a valuable platform for Trinity’s engagement with prospective students in the US – overall student numbers from the US have increased by 51% since the beginning of the Global Relations Strategy.

Trinity alumni in Washington at one of the US Open Days

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