Trinity’s 2016 Global Engagement Award Winners Announced

This year’s recipients of Trinity’s Global Engagement Awards are Professor Mauro Ferreira from the School of Physics, Professor Kevin Kelly from the School of Engineering, and Professor Daniel Faas from the School of Social Sciences and Philosophy.  

The Global Engagement Awards, presented at an annual event hosted by the Provost, Dr Patrick Prendergast, are designed to recognise the exceptional contribution made by staff to global education and research, cultural understanding and global experiences that directly benefits the Trinity community, raising the university’s profile and supporting the development of students into global citizens. This year’s ceremony marks the second year of the awards. 

Global Engagement Award Winners Professor Mauro Ferreira and Professor Daniel Faas

In addition to the award winners, three academics received a Certificate of Excellence to mark their significant contribution to Trinity’s Global Engagement activities.  They were Professor Rosemary Byrne from the School of Law, Professor Nigel Stevenson from the School of Medicine, and Professor Fabio Boylan from the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Global Engagement Certificate of Excellence recipients Professor Fabio Boylan, Professor Rosemary Byrne and Professor Nigel Stevenson.

Nominations for Trinity’s Global Engagement Awards were received from across all three faculties, demonstrating the range and diversity of Trinity’s Global Engagement, the high calibre of award winners and their global impact. 

The Vice President for Global Relations, Professor Juliette Hussey, said “We were delighted to receive nominations from across all three faculties, and we want to acknowledge the very high quality of applications and the exceptional work that is ongoing. The winners were chosen due to their outstanding contributions to developing and maintaining Trinity’s profile internationally. All those nominated have played a significant role in promoting Trinity on the world stage.”

The winners were chosen following a detailed assessment by the adjudication panel, comprising representatives of academic and administrative staff, and an external reviewer. The panel examined each candidate across four categories that included global engagement, international education and outreach activities, international relationship building and leadership in global fundraising.

The range of Trinity’s Global Engagement activities cover areas such as: development of Trinity’s academic partnerships; contributing significantly to Global research areas – working to solve real world problems; supporting international students’ integration on campus; expanding the range of study areas available to students; developing exchange programmes and raising Trinity’s global awareness.

From L – R: Provost, Dr Patrick Prendergast; Vice President for Global Relations, Professor Juliette Hussey; Professor Daniel Faas; Professor Mauro Ferreira; Professor Rosemary Byrne; Professor Fabio Boylan; and Professor Nigel Stevenson.