Trinity welcomes funding for COVID rapid response projects 

Posted on: 24 September 2020

Seven researchers at Trinity College Dublin are to benefit from new investment as part of the Science Foundation Ireland-led COVID-19 Rapid Response Research and Innovation Programme, it was announced today [24 September 2021].

The projects are among 41 that will share a fund of €5.5 million to back research and innovation related to COVID-19. 

The Trinity research includes investigations into improved vaccine design, robot-assisted ultraviolet disinfection and rapid and adjustable population-scale diagnostics via Next Generation Sequencing.

The COVID-19 Rapid Response Research, Development and Innovation programme was established by SFI, Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland, the Health Research Board and Irish Research Council.

Today’s announcement builds on SFI’s previous investment of €8 million across 17 COVID-19 research and innovation projects. All projects funded have been internationally peer reviewed at the assessment stage.

The successful Trinity projects are as follows:

Clair Gardiner  Immune genes, protective immunity and improved vaccine design.

Colin Doherty  Analysing blood-brain barrier integrity to inform on protection from COVID19 associated encephalopathy. 

Conor McGinn Protect Against COVID using Robot-Assisted Ultraviolet Disinfection (PACRAUD).

Darach Ó Ciardha  Tracking COVID19 and identifying patients at high risk of contracting COVID-19 using GP data. 

Elaine Kenny  Rapid and adjustable population-scale diagnostics via Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

Hossein Javidnia  Investigating Psychological and Social Effects of COVID-19: A Call for Action. 

Isabel Rozas  Blocking SARS-CoVid2 infection by inhibiting the TMPRSS2 protease. 


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