Trinity to develop educational resources to support responsible research

Posted on: 05 April 2019

Researchers from Trinity will work with partners from 10 European organisations to develop educational resources, strategies and tools that promote the responsible conduct of research, which is supported by three fundamental principles: transparency, honesty and responsibility.

Project INTEGRITY, which will last three years, has received funding of €2.4 million via the EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme. Led by the University of Utrecht, the consortium comprises partners from nine European countries and proposes to meet current research needs and demands.

The main goal of INTEGRITY’s team is to build knowledge and set up tools aimed at supporting high school teachers and university professors, who are very often required to impart professional ethics and integrity training. Building on experience and know-how amassed over several years, the team will devise tools to aid European professors, removing the need for them to assemble their own toolboxes.

The array of proposals for developing these resources is quite wide: ranging from good practices in teaching modules and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) to creating interactive films.

Professor of Ecumenics in Trinity, Linda Hogan, is the project leader in Trinity. She said:

All members of this multidisciplinary team have already faced the challenge of teaching integrity having little or no access to pedagogical documentation or supporting materials and resources. They are, for that reason, particularly sensitive to the problems European educators need to tackle on a regular basis.

There is a pressing need for students of diverse scientific disciplines and of different nationalities to learn how to deal with the quandaries posed by an increasingly competitive academic and scientific environment, which is why the ultimate goal is to help budding researchers acquire these essential tools and know-how during their training in high school and, later, at university.

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