Trinity team came 2nd in Deloitte Difference University Challenge Global Final

Posted on: 23 March 2018

A team of four Trinity students, Joshua McKee (General Science), Vahe Sasunts (Computer Science) and Gabriel Ogundipe and Keelin Cassidy (Management Science and Information Systems Studies), came 2nd place in the world in the Deloitte Difference University Challenge Global final 2018.

They are the first ever Trinity team to make the finals and youngest ever Irish team to do so, challenging competition from US Ivy League Colleges. 

The award winning Deloitte Difference University Challenge offers students from all years and all disciplines the opportunity to take part in a unique series of challenges on campus. This is a three stage, team based competition requiring teams to devise solutions to a number of case studies covering all aspects of Deloitte’s business.

This competitive event, which focuses on students presenting innovative solutions to business case studies, took place on March 8th – 9th at the Deloitte University – The Leadership Center in Texas.

Orla Bannon, Director of Careers, Careers Advisory Service, Trinity College Dublin stated: “Congratulations to the student team on their success at the Deloitte Difference University Challenge final. This achievement showcases their commercial awareness and ability to succeed on a global stage.”

The challenge encourages students to employ their creative thinking abilities, but also another way to help better understand the diverse and rewarding career paths available.

Applications will reopen again in October 2018.