Trinity scientists among world’s elite

Posted on: 29 August 2019

Numerous scientists from Trinity are among the world’s elite according to a new citation metrics database that systematically and objectively ranks 100,000 of the most-cited scientists across the globe based on their research output.

Compiled by an independent team of researchers and recently published in leading international journal PLOS Biology, the database features 81 scientists from Trinity, whose research is conducted across a huge range of scientific fields and sub-fields.

Those 81 feature among a total of 312 scientists affiliated with Irish institutions, with the highest ranked trio in Trinity also the highest ranked trio from Ireland.

Professor of Biochemistry, Luke O’Neill– a global pioneer in inflammation and immunology research, sits at 477th in the most recent list.

Professor O’Neill said:

I am indeed honoured to see our research being recognised, which is a testament to the impact of the discoveries made by my team members over the years.

Professor Emeritus in the School of Physics, Mike Coey (612), Professor of Chemical Physics, Jonathan Coleman (1,690), Smurfit Professor of Medical Genetics, Seamus Martin (3,931), Professor of Experimental Immunology, Kingston Mills (6,667), and Professor Emeritus in the School of Psychology, Iain Robertson (8,787), also sit in the top 10,000.

Associate Dean of Research at Trinity, Andrew Bowie, said:

Trinity prides itself on the excellence of its research and its researchers, and of their ability to shape research disciplines and make a major impact on wider society. We are very satisfied to see so many of our science researchers among the world’s elite according to this piece of research, which highlights their exceptional and sustained contributions.

The citation metrics database used Scopus data to compile a database of the 100,000 most-cited authors across all scientific fields based on a composite ranking score compiled using data from six key citation metrics. These include total citations and the number of citations to papers as single author, as single or first author, and as single, first, or last author.

You can read the paper and the full methodology involved in compiling the database and ranking the world’s top scientists here.

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