Trinity offers a sneak-peak at the sweet spot for innovation at the SUGAR Global Kick Off 2022/23

Posted on: 24 October 2022

Innovation thought leaders will unveil the secrets behind innovating so that companies can take their products and services to the next level, and outline how to effectively engage in collaborative innovation at the SUGAR Global Kick Off 2022/23, which is this week hosted by Trinity.

SUGAR is a global network bringing corporate partners together with students from 24 universities from four continents. In this cross-international setting, students get acquainted with human-centered design tools in an environment of cross-disciplinary, practice-based learning for one academic year.

The student teams prototype, test, and iterate in order to develop and implement innovative solutions to real design challenges posed by multinational corporate sponsors.

Example challenges from recent programmes include: How might we balance sustainability and convenience in future urban mobility?; How might we rethink the banking eco-system for Gen-Z considering trends like the creator economy?; and How might we better cover rural areas with medical services through a combination of digital and local offerings? 

At the Global Kick Off teams of students will meet their corporate partners and benefit from the unique opportunity to mix with inspiring innovation practitioners and fellow students from around the world. And a special keynote session on Friday will see global leaders in innovation speak on a range of topics with innovation at their core. 

Keynote speakers include: Trinity’s Professor Kevin Kelly, award-winning innovator, educator and board member of the SUGAR network; Sean Mullaney, CIO (Europe) of Stripe, board member of Manna and adviser to the ECB and Bank of England on digital currency; Brian Caulfield, serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist; Ross Hunt, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Outmin; Dr Conor McGinn, founder and CEO of Akara Robotics; Dr Tony O’Donnell, Director of Engineering (ML/Security/Trust & Integrity) at Meta; and Professor Paul Coughlan, Trinity Business School, an expert in new product development and multidisciplinary innovation.

Professor Kevin Kelly, Associate Professor in Trinity College Dublin’s School of Engineering, said:

“As well as providing an opportunity to hear from international thought leaders on innovation, this event is an opportunity to get an insight into the proven innovation process implemented across the SUGAR global innovation network. Past evidence suggests that many of the project teams present here at the start of their journey will develop new products and services for their sponsor companies and that many others will create their own successful start-up ventures.

“Furthermore, in a time when the global competition for talent is intensifying, partnering with SUGAR gives companies a chance to secure that top talent – making the right hires – and have people hit the ground running.”

For more information see the SUGAR Network website.

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