Trinity launches visual identity handbook and branding document

Posted on: 14 July 2017

An updated Trinity Visual Identity Handbook and new Trinity Branding Document have been launched. The Trinity Identity project has made significant progress towards a clear and consistent visual identity for the University over the past two years.

The implementation phase of the project encountered, and addressed, various challenges in the application of a visual identity that achieves this consistency while also allowing for creativity in design, and our visual identity guidelines have necessarily evolved as a result.

“These guidelines, developed in consultation with students, staff and alumni, will help us to standardise our communications, project an image of excellence and ensure consistency across communications. I hope that both of these documents will prove valuable in enhancing Trinity’s visibility and reputation through consistency of messaging and branding,” commented Professor Paula Murphy, Registrar.

The visual identity of Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin is comprised of a number of key elements that work together to ensure effective communication of our visual identity. Its essence is both strong and simple. It serves as a framework to introduce who we are, and reflects the heritage of our University. This identity revision, which was approved by Board in May 2017 pays homage to this as well as establishing a stronger, simpler system of application which reflects a university which is both classic and modern — a university with a tradition of innovation.

In addition to the visual element of the project, a working group was set up to develop the Trinity Branding Document. This document addresses the non-visual presentation of what the University stands for – the Vision and Mission of the University; Trinity’s story; it highlights key messages for our various stakeholders – and articulates a set of brand values and a brand personality that captures the essence of Trinity. It is envisioned that this document will be useful as the foundation for any communication that aims to describe Trinity and what we do here, be it a research proposal, a speech or a marketing brochure. It aims to help articulate a consistent message about our values, mission and reputation.

The Trinity Visual Identity Handbook v2.0 can be found here and the Trinity Branding document here   


More information can be found at the Trinity Visual Identity set of webpages and queries can be sent to

This article features in the summer 2017 edition of the Provost’s ezine, TRINITY NOW.

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