Trinity launches new Employability Award – Professional Services Pathway

Posted on: 19 October 2018

A new Trinity Employability Award – Professional Services Pathway, run in partnership with Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC, has been launched today. The Award provides an exciting opportunity for undergraduate students to improve their career readiness by engaging with leading employers in the professional services sector.

“Trinity is at the heart of the national push to attract talent to Ireland, nurture existing talent and turn good ideas into sustainable jobs. The Trinity Employability Award is part of our commitment to partner with industry to ensure that together we can deliver for Ireland through producing highly skilled graduates who contribute to the growth of the economy and through ensuring the Trinity educational experience is valued by both our students and their future employers,” explained Orla Bannon, Director of Careers at Trinity.

Since its introduction in 2016, the Trinity Employability Award has given undergraduate students learning experiences that contribute to their development of the Trinity Graduate Attributes – to act responsibly, to think independently, to communicate effectively and to develop continuously – and, in turn, their employability skills. It combines industry-led training in specific transferable skills with a university-led workshop to help students to reflect on and articulate their learning and provides an opportunity to compete for prizes.

Following from the success of the first Award run in partnership with Intel Ireland, the Award has now been developed and expanded for 2018/19 to allow for the participation of a broader range of students.

Speaking about its significance, Orla said: “The Trinity Employability Award gives students improved insight into how industry works and what employers are looking for. It helps them to enhance their employability skills and supports their personal and professional development and their chance of success in the next steps in their career. We look forward to working with students and employers on the new Professional Services Pathway Award and to developing further awards with other industry sectors in the future.”

Participating employers said:

Finola Gallagher-Taaffe, Manager, Talent & Learning, Deloitte “Deloitte are delighted to be partnering up with Trinity College for such an exciting initiative. Trinity is home to some of the best and brightest graduates in the country and we look forward to sharing the Deloitte purpose which is to make an impact that matters with our clients, our talent and society.”

Cáit Monagher, Student Recruitment Manager, EY “From our initial conversations with Trinity about participating in the Employability Award, we have been keen to get started, to see what this award will entail for both ourselves and the students. We are really looking forward to working closely with the high calibre of students that the Trinity name has become synonymous with. At EY, we are lucky enough to be able to welcome students across all disciplines and backgrounds and our approach is no different with this award and who we would like to invite to apply. With the Employability Award we are keen to showcase our own industry expertise, allowing students to immerse themselves in the fields of innovation and data analytics to name but a few, through real world examples.”

Paul Vance, Head of Resourcing, KPMG Ireland “At KPMG we place a very high value on Trinity graduates. So to be involved in the Awards gives us a terrific opportunity to share experiences with the students. As Ireland’s largest private sector employer of graduates, our relationship with Trinity College is vitally important to us. The calibre of students combined with the holistic learning approach means that, for us, Trinity graduates are highly sought after. With the Awards programme we will afford students the opportunity to participate in KPMG learning. We are really looking forward to what this programme will hold for the students and having them come into the firm to see what life is like in a professional services firm first hand.”

Niamh McInerney, Head of Graduate Recruitment, PwC “In the world of work, in every industry and sector, effectively using your unique skillset can make you stand out from the crowd. Through our participation in the Professional Services Pathway Award in Trinity, PwC are committed to enhancing students’ personal and professional skills. We offer insights and industry expertise which can shape a student’s career and fulfil their potential.

Applications are now open for the Trinity Employability Award – Professional Services Pathway. Closing date is 9 November 2018. An information session will take place on Tuesday 30 October at 6pm. More information can be found here. Please contact if you have any queries.




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