Trinity Introduces Tobacco Free Zones on Campus

Posted on: 15 July 2016

Three Tobacco Free Zones on Trinity’s main campus were opened on 1 July 2016. In these zones, smoking is prohibited both indoors and outdoors.

The three zones are the Fellows’ Square zone, Day Nursery/Health Centre zone and Lloyd/Sports Centre zone. A map is available here.  Elsewhere on campus smokers continue to be asked not to smoke within four metres of doors and windows as per Trinity's smoking policy which has been in place since 2011.

The introduction of these Tobacco Free Zones follows extensive consultation on Trinity’s Tobacco Policy with the college community coordinated by Martin Mullin, Trinity’s Health Promotion Officer resulting in more than 10,000 interactions with students and staff.  The proposal went through three iterations and the Board approved proposal had consensus from the Students’ Union, the Graduate Students’ Union and the University. You can learn more about why the zones were chosen here

People are being asked to refrain from smoking out of consideration for other people who walk through, study or work in these areas, to encourage a cleaner campus, and to make Trinity a healthier campus.

Student ambassadors have been recruited to assist in the implementation of the Tobacco Free Zones and it is hoped that all of the Trinity community will help to encourage people to keep the zones smoke free. 

A Covered Smoking Area is being provided adjacent to the Fellows’ Square zone. It is located on the podium diagonally across from the entry to the 24 hour Kinsella Reading Room. 

If you’re thinking of stopping smoking, there is currently a stop smoking course running for staff and students. Email Martina on for details.  Further free stop smoking workshops will be offered in the autumn and online/phone supports for stopping smoking are listed here.




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