Trinity Hosts Major International Conference on Flow-Induced Vibration and Noise

Posted on: 23 July 2012

Trinity College Dublin recently hosted the 10th International Conference on Flow-Induced Vibration and Flow-Induced Noise (FIV2012). It was the first time this major conference was held in Ireland.

Flow-induced vibration and noise, and the physical parameters which control them, are of significant importance to design engineers and operators of systems in a wide range of industries ranging from aerospace, automotive and civil engineering to marine structures, electricity generation and chemical processing. The potential of these phenomena to cause catastrophic failure to engineering systems and unacceptably high levels of environmental and occupational noise has motivated significant effort to understand and mitigate these problems in the interests of human safety.

Commenting on the significance of the conference, TCD’s Dr Gareth J Bennett, Co-Chair FIV2012 stated: “The Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering has been a significant contributor to world class research in fluid dynamics, acoustics and vibration since its establishment. The Fluids, Vibration & Acoustics Research Group’s reputation led to the 10th Flow-Induced Vibration International Conference being held in Ireland for the first time”.

“This year my colleague, Dr Craig Meskell and I invited the Aeroacoustics community to participate in this prestigious scientific meeting as, through our own activities in both fields, we have noticed a growing alignment in the research methods of two communities that don’t normally mix.  The result was an incredibly energetic and dynamic exchange of ideas which has lead to new collaborations being formed and research opportunities being identified. In addition to our international visibility through the EU collaborative projects we coordinate and in which we participate, this conference has further underlined the School of Engineering in Trinity as a world leader,” Dr Bennett continued.

FIV2012 was co-chaired by Dr Gareth J Bennett and Dr Craig Meskell of the School of Engineering. The conference takes place every four years which ensures the scientific content is exceptionally high and the submission of papers is extremely competitive. Delegates from top universities, research institutes and large industry from all continents attended the conference.  Trinity College was the only Irish representative.

The conference proceedings can be obtained directly from the website .