Trinity Development Research Week 2010

Posted on: 08 November 2010

Trinity’s second annual ‘Development Research Week’ will run from 8th -12th November 2010.  Organised by the Trinity International Development Initiative (TIDI), the programme will highlight development research and its application across a range of topics including Research for Change! How research is being used to address global development challenges, Research Capacity Building for Development: Resources for Higher Education Institute, Can Research Change the World? The importance of research in addressing global development challenges and Climate Justice among others.

‘Trinity Development Research Week 2010’ is funded by the Programme of Strategic Cooperation between Irish Aid and Higher Education and Research Institutes 2007-2011. Trinity Development Research Week is held in collaboration with researchers and students from TCD and other education institutes, as well as NGOs, including the following partners: The Irish African Partnership for Research Capacity Building, Suas Educational Development, Trocaire, the Transforming Ireland Seminar Series, UCD, TCD’s Civic Engagement Office the Trinity Volunteer Opportunities Forum and ‘Water is Life: Amazzi Bulamu’.

All are welcome to attend but please note that booking in advance is necessary for some events. Full details of the programme for ‘Trinity Development Research Week 2010’ are available at

TIDI was established in 2008 to maximise Trinity’s contribution to understanding and addressing the major global development challenges of our time through research, teaching and outreach activities.  It is a resource for TCD staff and students who are working on or interested in engaging with the challenges of global development.

TIDI’s vision is that Trinity will be internationally renowned for excellence in development research and education and for the provision of practical solutions to real-world challenges.  A vibrant outreach programme will raise awareness among the wider community of development issues and of TCD’s role in addressing these. TIDI will act as a focal point bringing together the best minds from across all disciplines in the university to collectively address the major challenges facing developing countries. TIDI builds on a long-established tradition and a growing interest at TCD in research and teaching on issues related to international development. With over 100 active development researchers across the university’s three faculties, 70 development research projects and 40 courses with development content, TCD has the opportunity to make a major contribution to achieving sustainable development. TIDI’s approach is based on equity, justice and strategic, sustainable partnerships with academic institutions, NGOs, government, and the commercial sector, both in the developing and the developed world.