Trinity continues to be Ireland’s leading university in Times Higher rankings

Trinity College Dublin continues to be Ireland’s top university and is the only university on the island of Ireland in the top 150 universities. The University discovered an error in its returns and undertook an audit of data. Subsequently, the University has been ranked 131st in the world by the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings for 2016-17. As a result of this same audit, Trinity’s ranking for 2015-16 has also been revised upwards, with the University  listed in 101st position instead of 160th place that was given at the time. 

In September 2016, Trinity discovered it made an error in data submissions to the THE that stretched back to 2015. In light of this, the THE recalculated Trinity’s ranking for the last two years. This error incorrectly depressed Trinity’s ranking. Today’s news now gives the correct ranking for the University for the last two years.

Commenting on the significance of these rankings, Dean of Research, Professor John Boland said:

"Rankings are important because they attract the best students and faculty and enable Trinity to collaborate with the world’s best universities and corporate partners. That’s why Trinity is delighted to have performed well in what is a very competitive ranking environment. It is good news for the University and good news for Ireland which now more so than ever needs to promote and nurture the success of flagship institutions with a truly global reach.” 

“That said, we have still dropped 30 places in a single year. This amounts to a 30% drop in rank and crystallises the international headwinds facing the Irish university sector following a decade of neglect and chronic underfunding.   If the Government expects excellence from the universities and the capacity to create the sort of skilled workforce needed in a post-Brexit world, it must begin to invest in education once again.”