Trinity College’s Open House Dublin Initiative

Posted on: 19 October 2006

Trinity College will open its doors to the Irish public as part of the Open House Dublin initiative organised by the Irish Architectural Foundation this weekend.  As part of the initiative, buildings throughout the city which have been selected for their architectural quality and interest   will be open to the public. This is the first year that Dublin will join major cities around the world hosting such an event.

The Trinity College campus, which provides Dublin citizens with numerous architectural gems as well as a welcome relief from a busy urban environment, is an important part of this event.
Buildings such as the Public Theatre and College Chapel, the bijoux replica of the Loos Bar and the Berkeley Library, will no doubt prove to be among the highlights of the  weekend.

The Trinity component of the Open House initiative has been organised by lecturer, Ellen Rowley, with the assistance of Dr Edward McParland and 4th year student Niamh NicGhabhann from the TCD Department of History of Art and Architecture.  As part of the initiative there will be guided architectural tours of the campus, which will explore the development of the campus, how the buildings relate to each other to form one of the finest architectural ensembles in the country, and what they mean now.

Tickets are obtainable from the Open House Dublin desk at the Temple Bar Cultural Information Centre, 12 East Essex Street, Dublin 2. Prebooking is essential of all Trinity tours. The information desk will be open Friday 9.00 – 5.30; Saturday 10.00 – 6.00
Tickets may also be pre-booked or by telephone at 01 6330055

Trinity College Dublin’s Programme:

Friday 20th October 2006
Provost’s House 
12h00 – 13h00:    

Saturday 21st October 2006
Architectural Walking Tours of Campus
Common Room/Loos Bar
15h00 – 16h00