Trinity College Dublin Researchers Win Health Research Board Funding

Posted on: 24 August 2004

Ten Trinity College researchers were among those recently awarded grants as part of the Health Research Board’s aim to improve health through research. Trinity’s successful projects focus on a broad range of health issues including fertility, immunology and genetics. A total of €6.3 million has been allocated by the HRB to tackle all areas of human health, including biomedical and clinical research, public health and health services. Trinity College researchers were awarded 22% of the overall funding for their projects. Professor Fitzgerald, Chairman of the HRB, congratulated successful applicants. ‘Irish researchers are at the forefront in solving some of the mysteries of human disease and the HRB are delighted to support their efforts’, he said. ‘As one of the wealthiest nations in the world, we have an obligation to contribute to the global effort against cancer, heart disease and other major health challenges.’ One successful researcher, Dr David Lloyd of the College’s Biochemistry Department, will use 3D computer images to examine the interaction of a potential drug with its target protein. The structure of the drug can be altered in the computer to see which will work best before it is actually produced. The group will also aim to eliminate interaction of the drug with other proteins, which could lead to side effects. This approach could make the search for a new drug more efficient and reduce the need for lengthy, expensive tests in cell cultures and ultimately in animals. As well as addressing specific research questions, the HRB project grants provide training for PhD students. This training element aims to build national health research capacity and ensure Ireland can retain the highest calibre of researchers within the healthcare arena. HRB Grant Awardees