Trinity College Dublin: Fairtrade Campus

Posted on: 20 November 2006

Trinity College is now providing only Fairtrade certified coffee and tea at all college operated foodservice outlets throughout its campus. This commitment by the Trinity College authorities has allowed the College to become a designated Fairtrade campus.

TCD’s Director of Accommodation and Catering Services, Mr Graham Daniels, commented: “We have been selling Fairtrade coffee for some years and have now fully extended this initiative campus-wide. Adding Fairtrade tea strengthens our commitment to this important agenda. We are very pleased with the positive reaction from students, staff and our many visitors to Trinity College.”

Over a quarter of a million cups of coffee and a similar volume of tea are consumed each year by TCD’s students and staff.

All restaurant and café outlets run by the catering services department at Trinity College Dublin, including the Buttery Restaurant, will now serve only Java City Fairtrade certified coffee and tea.

The move also coincides with the recent announcement of the Fairtrade Development Initiative by Dublin City Council, aimed at achieving internationally recognised Fairtrade status for Ireland’s capital city.

Mr. Peter Gaynor, Director of Fairtrade Mark Ireland commented: “Trinity College has joined the growing number of establishments in Ireland and worldwide who support Fairtrade. This is an important initiative by one of Ireland’s most renowned educational and research institutions. It will further help to raise consciousness among consumers of the necessity to pay producers a fair price for their produce.”

Fairtrade is an international organisation which certifies co-operatives and producers. Products sourced from these certified producers are then allowed to carry the Fairtrade logo. This is designed to achieve a minimum price for the producers in order to maintain economic and social viability. Fairtrade is monitored and certified by FLO (Fairtrade Labelling Organisations) International. Products bearing the Fairtrade trademark can only be obtained and used under license of the FLO.

The Fairtrade Coffees and Teas now on sale at Trinity College comply with all such requirements.

Carol Geary of Java City Coffee Company pictured with Graham Daniels, Director, Accommodation & Catering Services, Trinity College Dublin