Trinity College Dublin Establishes Michael McNamara Professorship In Construction Innovation

Posted on: 25 January 2007

Developer Bernard McNamara Donates €2.5 million to Trinity College for new Chair in Construction Innovation


Trinity College Dublin announced the establishment of a new Professorship in Construction Innovation in the School of Engineering , which is being funded by developer, Bernard McNamara this week.  The Professorship is named in memory of Mr McNamara’s late father, Michael McNamara, who was a major contributor to the construction industry in Ireland and founder of Michael McNamara & Co. 


Speaking at the announcement of his €2.5 million philanthropic donation towards the new Chair, Mr McNamara stated: “I am delighted to have this opportunity to contribute to construction innovation in Ireland .  It is important that a highly skilled workforce, versed in innovation, continues to enter the construction industry which forms a key part of Ireland ‘s economy.  New innovative methods of construction for the future vitally need to be explored and developed to underpin national competitiveness, and I hope that this will further that process.  I look forward to the developments which I expect will emerge.


Welcoming Mr McNamara’s generous donation, the Provost of Trinity College, Dr John Hegarty, stated: “By funding this new Chair in Engineering, Mr McNamara has confirmed, in a very practical way, his long term commitment to underpinning high quality in construction innovation and design.


“It will enhance the College’s research profile in construction innovation and will engender productive interaction between the University and the construction industry, particularly through technology transfer of ongoing research and the provision of continuing education programmes.”


The Professorship is one of a series of initiatives being introduced by the College to provide the necessary building blocks for research and innovation in the construction industry and to enhance the very significant contribution of the sector to national growth over the past decade. The Professor of Construction Innovation will work closely with the indigenous industry sector.


In addition to the appointment of the new Professor, Mr McNamara’s benefaction includes support for the establishment of a national Construction Innovation Research Centre (CIRC) which will encompass activities from basic research to technology development and eventual commercialisation of the innovative products emerging from the Centre. In addition to the multi-disciplinary research and development activities, the Centre will provide support services for the construction industry through testing and certification of emerging technologies. Thus, the needs of the industry will be met through partnership and joint initiatives to ensure continued innovation in the construction sector.


Michael McNamara & Co have been committed to innovative construction for many years and established an Irish based manufacturingplantfor the production of precast concrete cores, walling and floor systems along with concrete kitchen and bathroom pods of which facilitate efficient off site construction required in today’s market place.