Trinity Campus Company CrewFactors Wins US Simulation Industry Award

Posted on: 06 May 2016

CrewFactors, a campus company of Trinity College Dublin, has won the high-profile MODSIM WORLD entrepreneur competition in the US for their platform technology that assesses team communication skills of personnel working in safety-critical environments. 

Their first training product, CrewFactors PRO, has already been used by instructors working in the aviation, maritime and healthcare sectors. Following the successful development of the underlying communication analytics technology at Trinity College, the company has further developed this platform technology to extract a range of behavioural data relating to team based communication.

MODSIM World is an annual multi-disciplinary conference, held at Virginia Beach USA, for the exchange of modelling and simulation knowledge, research and technology. Theory and practice across industry unite with government and academia to provide an open interchange of information, knowledge and technology.

Major themes at the event included decision-making and data analytics, next-generation learning, adaptive training and the role of human factors in simulation training. Emerging simulation technologies that support personnel training for safety critical roles in aviation, maritime and healthcare were also on display. 

Conor McKenna, CEO and co-founder of CrewFactors said: “Effective communication and teamwork are critical to successful outcomes in a range of sectors that train personnel using simulation technologies, and we are delighted to obtain this recognition from experts in the simulation industry.”

“This award represents a great milestone for the company and a real vote of confidence in our technology roadmap, we are now determined to raise additional investment to grow the business.”

About CrewFactors

CrewFactors provide patent pending communication analytics technology to the simulation and training industry. Their first product, CrewFactors PRO, is the World’s first training solution that objectively analyses communication skills and team dynamics. By processing communications captured during a training scenario this patent pending technology obtains a range of behavioural insights from human speech. The underlying technology was developed and scientifically validated at Trinity College Dublin with commercialisation funding from development agency Enterprise Ireland.

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