Trinity Ball 2017 – Access and Arrangements

Posted on: 06 April 2017

Trinity will be closed from 5.30 pm on Friday 7 April for the annual Trinity Ball. The following ball arrangements are issued for your guidance on that day.

Pedestrian Access

Front Gate will close at 2.00 pm on Friday 7th of April and will remain closed until 2.00 pm on Saturday 8th of April to allow for the post Ball ‘clean-up’ operation. 

Pedestrians accessing to the West area of University between 2.00 pm and 6.00 pm on the Friday of the Ball may enter or exit by the Nassau Street entrance (Arts Building) on production of a student/staff card.

All staff and students who are not working at the Ball are requested to leave the University before 5.30 pm on Friday 7th of April, whether based in the Ball area or otherwise, as all gates (including perimeter key gates, the Narrows Gate and the Rose Garden Gate at House 40) will close at 5.30 pm.

The Nassau Street entrance (Arts Building) will open as normal on Saturday 8th of April at 8.00 am and remain open until midnight.

Ball Staff

Pedestrian access after 5.30 pm for authorised Ball staff will be via Nassau Street entrance (Arts Building) only.

Ticket Holders

Admission to the Ball for ticket holders only is via Front Gate, the Nassau Street entrance (Arts Building) and the Westland Row Entrance at the O’Reilly Institute  (opposite the Train Station) between 9.00 pm and 10:30pm.


Residents will be admitted as outlined below on presentation of valid identification – Student Card and Residents Key Card.

  • No access for residents between 8.00 pm and 2.00 am.

In the West area

  • Up to 8.00 pm via the Nassau Street entrance (Arts Building) only.
  • From 2.00 am via the Nassau Street entrance (Arts Building) only.

Pearse Street Residents and Goldsmith Hall Residents

  • Pearse Street residents will be admitted via the Lincoln Place Gate.
  • Goldsmith Hall residents will be admitted by the door at Westland Row only. There will be no access to the University via the Goldsmith Hall bridge.

Vehicle Access

All Gates, including the Narrows Gate and the Gate at the Rose Garden (House 40), will close at 5.30 pm on Friday 7th of April.  It will not be possible thereafter to get from one end of University to the other in any circumstances.

Car Parking

All cars must be removed from the West End of the University by 5.30 pm. 

Cars may be left in the East End, but please be warned of the potential for damage caused by ‘gate-crashers’ attempting to gain admission to the Ball.

Cars may not leave the East End of the University via the Lincoln Place Gate until 8.00 am on Saturday 8th of April. 

Accessible Spaces

Three (3) temporary accessible car parking spaces (reserved for people with disabilities) will be available in Botany Bay (East) for the duration of the parking restrictions associated with the Ball preparations.

Off Campus Parking Facilities

To compensate for the loss of parking spaces on Campus eighty (80) spaces have been reserved for Trinity College permit holders in the Parkrite Public Car Park on Fleet Street. University permit holders may avail of these spaces ‘free of charge’ between Thursday the 30th of March and Tuesday 11th of April inclusive.  Please note there is No Free Parking on Saturday or Sunday. Details will be included in the general email circulated by the Estates & Facilities Department. These parking facilities are available on a 24 hour basis throughout the period and are being funded by the Ball Committee.

College Buildings

All University buildings will remain closed from 5.30 pm on Friday 7th of April until normal opening hours (8.00 am) on Saturday 8th of April. There will be no access to any of the University building after 5.30 pm (even outside the Ball area). This restriction affects all staff and students including those who would normally have access to buildings outside the usual opening hours.


The University will be at greater risk than normal during the period of the Ball.  Therefore, please pay particular attention to securing rooms/offices and other facilities by ensuring that doors and windows are properly locked (including shutters if fitted). Do not leave valuables on view. This warning applies to all accommodation in the University, both residential and office, whether in the Ball area or not. Special attention should be paid to securing windows and doors in ground floor areas, particularly in the properties in Pearse Street, Westland Row, South Leinster Street and Lincoln Place.