The Global Pandemic from Transnational Perspectives

Posted on: 23 October 2020

The Consortium for Advanced Studies Abroad (CASA) has organised a forthcoming public lecture series on the global pandemic as an opportunity to bring together researchers, community activists, and public health workers from across the Atlantic to explore the social, cultural, economic, political and public health impacts of the current pandemic from the perspective of eight host sites: Paris, France; Bologna, Italy; Dublin, Ireland; Barcelona, Granada and Seville, Spain; Havana, Cuba; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Santiago, Chile.

Trinity students, staff and academics are all welcome to join the Consortium for Advanced Studies Abroad for a talk on Transnational Perspectives on COVID-19 in Europe. Professor Laurence Gill of Trinity will be joined by representatives from the OECD, the University of Bologna, and the University of Pompeu Fabra, and the event will be moderated by Kendall Brostuen, Director of the Office of International Programs, Brown University. The talk will take place 4-6pm Irish time on Tuesday 27 October, and you can register here to receive the link to join.

The Global Pandemic from Transnational Perspectives

Agenda for the event is as follows;

Transnational Perspectives: COVID-19 in Europe

Tuesday, October 27 12–2 pm EST

  • Covid-19 and the Road Ahead: A European Perspective
    Miguel Castro, Project Coordinator and Policy Analyst, OECD, FRANCE
  • Italy, Africa, and Migration in the Time of COVID-19
    Dr. Karin Pallaver, Universitá di Bologna, ITALY
  • Covid-19 in Spain
    Dr. Joan Benach, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, SPAIN
  • STEM Research and Teaching during COVID-19
    Dr. Laurence Gill, Trinity College Dublin, IRELAND

Moderated by Kendall Brostuen, Director, Office of International Programs, Brown University.

Co-sponsored by the E3 Initiative at Trinity College, Dublin and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the Watson Institute at Brown University.

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