‘Teaching for Tomorrow’ Website Launched by Trinity’s Bridge21 Programme

Posted on: 30 September 2016

‘Teaching for Tomorrow’ Website Promoting 21st Century Learning Practices in Schools across Europe launched by Trinity’s Bridge21 Education Programme

Trinity College Dublin’s education programme Bridge21 today launched the website for their Erasmus+ ‘Teaching for Tomorrow’ (TfT) project: tft-project.eu. Through the TfT project, the Bridge21 team is collaborating with partner schools in Ireland, Estonia, Germany and Sweden, to progress the existing Bridge21 model into a pragmatic, transnational model of 21st Century Learning.

Research has shown that 21st Century learning approaches will help students to develop the habits and reasoning skills that will permit them to become effective problem-solvers and self-directed learners. However, it has also been highlighted that, without adequate structure, support and scaffolding, the creation of opportunities for young people to develop these skills within the school environment is far from a straight-forward task.

“This project springs from the shared recognition that we need to integrate the basic and transversal skills associated with 21st Century learning into mainstream secondary school education,” said TfT Project Manager, Dr Aibhín Bray. “It will help to develop best practices in this area and spread the impact of the Bridge21 programme throughout Europe.”

“The TfT website will provide pragmatic resources, support, and a platform to enhance teacher collaboration in a European-wide community of practice and enable the ‘Teaching for Tomorrow’ project, its associated resources and publications to be shared with European educational community and its stakeholders,” stated Bridge21 Programme manager and TfT project leader,  Ciarán Bauer.

Bridge21 supports the development of 21st Century practices within secondary schools by integrating learning activities that are team-based, technology-mediated, project-based and cross-curricular.