TCD Study on Development of Post-Primary Schooling.

Posted on: 12 December 2007

A research team at the Trinity College School of Education has completed a report for the board of the Educate Together organisation concerning the establishment of post-primary level schooling. This feasibility study, the first of its kind in Ireland , was commissioned by Educate Together to assist the organisation in its decision making process. The TCD team consisted of Dr David Limond, Dr Andrew Loxley and Dr Aidan Seery of the School of Education and was  assisted by PhD students Ms Ekaterina Kozina and Mr Mat Garrison.

The most significant and substantial part of the study reported on an empirical investigation into the factors that influenced parents/carers on their decision making with regard to choice of school. A total of 900 families with children at Educate Together schools were asked to participate in a survey and follow-up telephone interview designed to explore their attitudes and perceptions towards second level education of which 47% responded.  The 150 page study included an expert consultative workshop comprising  senior second level administrators, which advised on the formation, management and day-to-day running of this kind of school.