TCD Researchers Receive Scholarships to Promote Study of Science, Engineering and Technology

Posted on: 04 May 2011

Fifty-five researchers from Trinity College Dublin have been successful in the Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology (IRCSET) EMPOWER and EMBARK funding schemes. 

IRCSET awarded ten out of 37 EMPOWER 2011 Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme awards to TCD researchers.  The scheme, which was open to researchers from all nations who are at an early stage of their postdoctoral research careers, is designed to further research in the sciences, engineering or technology and encourage excellence in research by developing links with research teams who have achieved international recognition for their work.  The EMPOWER Scheme is targeted at developing the country’s international reputation as an important location in which to carry out world class research so that Ireland retains and attracts the highest level research and development capabilities for the future.  TCD IRCSET EMPOWER awardees are listed below. 

Under the IRCSET EMBARK 2011 Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme a total of 18 TCD researchers received awards.   Through a range of highly innovative schemes, EMBARK invests in people and ideas, addressing individual research funding needs at Masters, Doctoral and Postdoctoral level and encouraging the most talented researchers to advance their careers in Ireland.  The EMBARK initiative is aimed at knowledge creation for the future benefit of society and the smart economy and is designed to improve national competitiveness.   TCD IRCSET EMBARK awardees are listed below.   

All applicants for the IRCSET funding schemes are subject to assessment by international committees who specialise in each field.  Further information is available  

IRCSET EMPOWER 2011 Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme awardees:

TCD Supervisors and Post doctorate Applicants:

  • Sylvia Draper, Chemistry – Postdoc: Yanfei Xu
  • Wolfgang Schmitt, Chemistry – Postdoc: Jian-Di Lin
  • Wolfgang Schmitt, Chemistry – Postdoc: Shatabdi Porel Mukherjee
  • Graeme Watson, Chemistry – Postdoc: Dario Marrocchelli
  • Biqiong Chen, Engineering – Postdoc: Tongfei Wu
  • Angus Bell, Genetics and Microbiology – Postdoc: Daniela Boehm
  • Sergey Frolov, Mathematics – Postdoc: Adam Rej
  • Michael Peardon, Mathematics – Postdoc: Christopher Thomas
  • Marina Lynch, TCIN – Postdoc: Niamh Murphy
  • Shane O’Mara, TCIN – Postdoc: Emma Fortune

IRCSET EMBARK 2011 Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme awardees:

TCD Supervisors and Postgraduate Applicants:

  • Martin Caffrey, Biochemistry and Immunology – Postgrad: Alan Coughlan
  • Rachel Evans, Chemistry – Postgrad: Niamh Fox
  • Thorfinnur Gunnlaugsson, Chemistry – Postgrad: Esther Surender
  • Thorfinnur Gunnlaugsson, Chemistry – Postgrad: Fergus Poynton
  • Graeme Watson, Chemistry – Postgrad: Aoife Kehoe
  • Naomi Harte, Engineering – Postgrad: Ailbhe Cullen
  • Brendan O’Kelly, Engineering – Postgrad: Lin Zhang
  • Ciaran Simms, Engineering – Postgrad: Mathew Lyons
  • Conor Houghton, Mathematics – Postgrad: Robin Tobin
  • Stefan Sint, Mathematics – Postgrad: Mattia Dalla Brida
  • Derek Doherty, Medicine – Postgrad: Yasmeen Ghnewa
  • James O’Donnell, Medicine – Postgrad: Jamie Marie O’ Sullivan
  • Yuri Volkov, Medicine – Postgrad: Gareth Clarke
  • David Chew, Natural Sciences – Postgrad: Ross Clark
  • Catherine Comiskey, Nursing and Midwifery – Postgrad: Maeve Daly
  • Lorraine O’Driscoll, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences – Postgrad: Robert Wallace
  • Louise Bradley, Physics – Postgrad: Graham Murphy
  • Peter Gallagher, Physics – Postgrad: Aidan O’Flannagain