TCD Professor Edits New Journal in Biomedical Materials

Posted on: 26 February 2007

The only journal specialising in biomedical materials was launched today (26 February) in Trinity College by the Vice Provost, Professor Ruth Byrne.

The new publication, The Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, is an international, scientific journal which deals with the mechanical properties of biological materials such as human bone, living cells etc. and also with those materials which surgeons use when they replace body parts, for example artificial hip joints.
“This new journal intends to publish groundbreaking research in an exciting interdisciplinary field that brings together medical and biological sciences with physical and engineering sciences to solve problems in the mechanics of biomedical materials.  Solutions to these problems will have important social consequences, for example, in the development of newer and better artificial hip and knee joints”, stated Professor Ruth Byrne.

“Outstanding work on these topics is being carried out here in the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering, a national research centre funded by the PRTLI. Given Trinity’s international reputation in this domain, it is appropriate that Elsevier have invited Professor David Taylor to edit this journal here”, Professor Byrne added. 

Edited by Professor David Taylor, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, TCD, the journal is published by Elsevier, who are the largest publishers of scientific journals in the world.  It is starting now because Elsevier identified a gap in the market: there is no other journal which specialises in this area.
“The primary focus of the journal is the synthesis of materials science, biology and clinical practice. Reports of fundamental scientific investigations of a theoretical or experimental nature are welcome, as are articles concerned with the practical application of materials in medical devices”, explained Professor Taylor.