TCD Graduate’s Sporting Legacy Celebrated

Posted on: 28 November 2005

This year Keio University in Japan celebrates 100 years of Hockey after an Irish man, Reverend William Grey, a graduate of Trinity College (1900) introduced Hockey to Keio University and Japan in 1906.

Keio University will visit Trinity today, Monday 28th November, to play the Men’s and Ladies Hockey Club to commemorate the centenary of hockey in Japan.  They will also play the Irish University Team on Tuesday 29th November.

Reverend Grey worked in Japan for 12 years and upon returning to Ireland he was a Minister in the Cork and Dublin Dioceses.  He died in 1968 and was buried beside his wife in Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin. In 1981, the John Jameson Company sent “The Japan-Ireland Grey’s Silver Cup” in memory of Reverend Grey and it is awarded to the men’s all-Japan champion team in December every year.