TCD Botanist Appointed President of the Missouri Botanical Garden, One of the Oldest American Botanical Institutions

Posted on: 16 February 2010

The Missouri Botanical Garden, one of the oldest American botanical institutions, has appointed Dr Peter Wyse Jackson of TCD’s Department of Botany as its new Garden President.  Dr Jackson, who has served as the director of the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland since 2005, was selected by the organisation’s board for his wealth of horticulture and botanical experience as well as his understanding of the importance of sustainability and conservation.

Speaking about his appointment Dr Jackson said: “The Missouri Botanical Garden is one of the top botanical institutions in the world, internationally known for its global scientific endeavours and as a cultural institution.  It is an honour to have been selected for the presidency at this prestigious institution.  The great challenges that we face worldwide in securing a sustainable environment for the future require continued leadership through such great institutions as the Missouri Botanical Garden.  I look forward to working with the wonderful staff and leading this already superb centre of science and horticultural display to even greater heights”.

Missouri Botanical Garden

Founded in 1859, the Missouri Botanical Garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens in America and a national historic landmark.  The garden has been a centre for international botanical research and education since its foundation and occupies 79 acres in the city of St Louis.  The grounds of the botanical garden feature both modern and traditional gardens and its herbarium is one of the world’s largest with over 6 million specimens. 

In his role as director of the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland Dr Jackson has made environmental sustainability a priority of the institution.  Dr Jackson introduced a wide range of cultural programmes to the garden and succeeded in reducing waste and energy consumption and actively promotes research on biodiversity, conservation and sustainable development.  He has also been a leader at a national level in environmental policy development and has held key roles in worldwide organisations such as the Botanic Gardens Conservation International and Global Partnership for Plant Conservation.