TBSI images capture the beauty and mystery of science

The Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute (TBSI) recently celebrated it's fifth anniversary as researchers showcased some of their major successes and outlined some of the next-gen research directions they are currently pursuing.

To read about two of these exciting projects — restoring sight with artificial corneas and programming cancer cells to attack tumours — see here

TBSI's researchers have, in a short time, reshaped the scientific and medical landscape by making a number of amazing breakthroughs, developing new medical devices, and engaging with industry partners.

Their work is making a difference to a huge number of people, but to help open our eyes to the beauty of science that often goes hand in hand with life-changing discovery, TBSI ran an image competition. Here, we showcase some of the most eye-grabbing shots captured by the researchers themselves.


Winner – Maria Velasco

The interaction between neurons (red), astrocytes (yellow) and microglia (green) in one of the lobules of the cerebellum (brain).


Joint Runner-Up – Mark Little

Cell on a G-string: neutrophils cells palisade around an air bubble.


Joint Runner-Up – Viola Previtali

Chemistry World: After a solvent evaporated, this beautiful, unexpected motif formed. It seems like small trees have taken root and are seeking the sun.


Third – Megan Cloughley

Cell viability in nasal cartilage, showing live and dead cells after cryo-preservation.


Other images


Aoife Campbell

Neurons and inter-neuronal processes projecting through the spinal cord.


Sarah Wade

Blood vessel formation in a zebrafish embryo.


Pedro Diaz Payno

The Universe Kneeling Down:  the structure of cartilage and bone.


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