Student Handbook on Quality Assurance within Irish Universities Launched at TCD

Posted on: 27 November 2008

Senator David Norris launched a new student handbook Your Right to Quality in Higher Education by the Irish Universities Quality Board (IUQB) at Trinity College on Tuesday November 25 last.

The student handbook, which provides students with information on quality assurance in Irish universities and highlights the importance of student involvement in quality assurance processes,will be distributed to student unions, career advisors and support staff within universities. It will also serve as a useful tool for educating class representatives of the importance of student involvement in quality assurance mechanisms.

Speaking at the launch Senator Norris said: “It’s very important for all of us but particularly for students that we maintain quality in Irish universities. This handbook is a useful explanatory tool which will help students to ensure high standards and to participate in the production of these standards.”

Joan fogarty, communications and information manager iuqb; hugh o'sullivan, education officer, tcd student union; aidan doyle, tcd; annabel smith, office and facilities manager iuqb; senator david norris; conor yearsly, tcd; david lenny, tcd; brian dempsey, designer of the student handbook on quality

(L-R) Joan Fogarty, Communications and Information Manager IUQB; Hugh O’Sullivan, Education Officer, TCD Students’ Union; Aidan Doyle, TCD; Annabel Smith, Office and Facilities Manager IUQB; Senator David Norris; Conor Yearsly, TCD; David Lenny, TCD; Brian Dempsey, Designer of the Student Handbook on Quality.

“So far the response from student representatives to the new handbook has been excellent”, stated Students’ Union Education Officer at TCD, Hugh Sullivan. “They see it as their responsibility to participate in the quality assurance process in Trinity and they find the handbook an excellent guide to how to go about doing that.”

“The objective of the student handbook is to provide students with simple and accessible information on their right to quality education and their responsibility to get involved in quality assurance processes”, explained IUQB Communications & Information Manager, Joan Fogarty. “Previous to this, information has not been available to students in such an accessible format to explain what is meant by quality assurance, how it works within Irish universities and what quality review reports have taken place within Irish universities.”