Singaporean Physiotherapy Students Graduate

Posted on: 25 June 2013

Singaporean students of physiotherapy graduated last week surrounded by family and friends.  The new physiotherapy programme is designed, taught and awarded by Trinity College Dublin and delivered in Singapore in partnership with the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). Part of the programme involves an overseas immersion programme (OIP) where students study for six weeks in Dublin and complete the BSc in Physiotherapy.

Last year Trinity College Dublin signed a partnership with SIT to offer degrees in both occupational therapy and physiotherapy to students in Singapore.  The degrees are Singapore’s first full-time degrees in occupational therapy and physiotherapy. This is achieved through recognition of prior learning by means of the relevant diplomas in occupational therapy and physiotherapy combined with a one year programme provided by Trinity.  The physiotherapy students arrived in Dublin to commence the OIP at the beginning of April. Part of the OIP was a four week clinical placement in areas such as primary care, paediatrics, elder care and long term chronic health conditions. These are all emerging areas of practice in Singapore and the aim is that the programme will enable students to explore how similar services could be designed and delivered in Singapore.

Evaluation of the programme highlighted the quality of the academic teaching which gave them an  international perspective to their learning.  The other highlight was the OIP itself, with the  students  themselves reporting new insights into their professional and personal development.

About Singapore Institute of Technology:

SIT, established in 2009, is an initiative of the Singapore Ministry of Education offering undergraduate degree programmes for polytechnic graduates.  In partnership with various leading overseas universities, including Trinity College Dublin, SIT has brought to Singapore some of the world’s top industry-focused degree programmes targeted at growth sectors of the economy.