Seymour Hersh speaks at third Annual Amnesty International Lecture at Trinity College

Posted on: 26 October 2007

Award-winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh was the speaker at the third annual Amnesty International Lecture in association with Trinity College Dublin on Wednesday 24 October.

Speaking in Trinity, The Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist who exposed torture in Baghdad’s Abu Ghraib prison and the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War gave his analysis of the Bush Administration’s intentions with regard to Iran and the entire Middle East

Hersh has exposed a number of US government secrets dating back to the Vietnam War. Outside of the US, Mr Hersh is perhaps best known for his 2004 story on Abu Ghraib, which revealed the abuse of Iraqi prisoners at the hands of US soldiers. However Abu Ghraib is just one of many investigations Mr Hersh has conducted into US foreign policy, security and the military.

During the Vietnam War, Mr Hersh uncovered the mass killing of between 300 and 500 unarmed Vietnamese by US soldiers, which became known as the My Lai Massacre.

Past speakers at the Amnesty International Lecture at Trinity College include Noam Chomsky, Professor of Modern Languages & Linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technologyb and Michael Ignatieff, Professor of Human Rights Practice and Director of the Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard University.