Science through a kid’s eyes – Professor Luke O’Neill launches new book

Posted on: 03 October 2019

Have you ever wondered: How big the universe is? How far away the sun is? Why the grass is green? Why monkeys have tails, but I don’t? How your body repairs itself? How sound travels through the air? What E = mc2 actually means?

Well, you can find out if you join Luke O’Neill, Professor of Biochemistry at Trinity, on an incredible scientific journey from the very, very big to the very, very small.

Travel through the galaxies and stars, down to our very own planet Earth and across its fabulous features, into our wonderful bodies and all their cells, and on down to the very elements and atoms that make up all things, learning how it works along the way.

Just launched, The Great Irish Science Book, illustrated by Linda Fährlin and published by Gill Books, will inspire young minds as to how Ireland and its scientists have made huge contributions to science, as well as sparking their curiosity via a few experiments that will help them think like scientists.

The Great Irish Science Book is priced at €24.99 and is available in book stores now.

Professor O’Neill is one of the most respected and highly cited immunologists in the world. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society, has a popular weekly slot on Newstalk’s The Pat Kenny Show and is the author of Humanology.

Professor O’Neill said:

It’s been such a thrill writing The Great Irish Science Book and Linda Fährlin did such a fantastic job with the illustrations. We hope the book will encourage the next generation of scientists to join us on our great scientific adventure.

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