Science Gallery Garden launches at Ars Electronica global festival

Posted on: 08 September 2020

How will virtual reality impact therapy? Where is the cloud and who controls it? How could biodesign improve or destroy our lives? What can stick insects teach AI about dance? How can art and science collaboration inspire climate activism? And with 95% of the universe a mystery, what role do artists and scientists have in unravelling and understanding the unknown?

From 9 to 13 September, the Science Gallery Garden at the Ars Electronica Festival will showcase the best of the world’s only university network dedicated to public engagement with science and art.

Pioneered at Trinity College Dublin, the Science Gallery Network consists of leading universities united around a singular mission: to ignite creativity and discovery where science and art collide.

The eight galleries of the Science Gallery Network are committed to bringing science, art, technology and design together to deliver world-class educational and cultural experiences for young people.

This month, they will join forces with Ars Electronica and over 120 cities worldwide for an international festival of art, technology and society, featuring live talks, interactive workshops and streams from across the globe.

Highlights from Science Gallery Dublin’s ‘garden’ at the festival include a virtual ‘walking tour’ exploring Dublin’s hidden tech infrastructure; a citizens’ think-in on artificial intelligence co-hosted by the ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology and The Dock – Accenture’s flagship R&D and global innovation centre; and an interactive zine-making workshop aimed at helping participants to reflect on COVID-19 and its effects on society, and speculate on what comes next.

You now register for all these free events on the Science Gallery Dublin homepage at, and you can view the full festival programme on the Ars Electronica website at from 5 September.

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