Science Gallery Dublin: Message from Provost

Trinity Provost Linda Doyle has issued the following message to the College community about Science Gallery Dublin:

This weekend the doors will close on the final exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin as we currently know it.  

However, that will not be the end of the gallery story.   

Looking back, the gallery has been wonderful, but it has had problems in recent years. Unfortunately, in its present form, with its substantial and growing debt, it cannot overcome those problems. The current operational model has run its course.  

The gallery needs to be totally reimagined and work very differently from the way it does now. Closing the gallery affords us the time to address the problems and build a new, exciting and sustainable way forward.  

Colleagues and students across Trinity are eager to be involved, as are many of the long-time friends and supporters of the gallery. We can also count on widespread public support, as well as the wisdom and support of Science Gallery International.    

Over the past months we have also had excellent engagement with multiple Government departments who have come together in a very collaborative manner and pledged support for our future ambitions.   

None of what I have said above takes from the fact that the gallery has been a source of delight and inspiration since it opened in 2008. We are proud to have inspired other cities around the world to adopt our vision to showcase research and ideas from science and technology in exciting new ways. 

I would like to thank everyone who has worked in, contributed to and supported Science Gallery Dublin over the years. 

Over the coming months, working with the Trinity Board and others, we will keep you updated on progress as we move into a new phase of planning. 

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