Researchers to design new VR systems for healthcare, entertainment, and e-education

Posted on: 25 September 2020

A new innovative consortium led by Dr Laura Toni (UCL) and Aljosa Smolic, principal investigator of V-SENSE and SFI Research Professor of Creative Technologies at Trinity, have secured funding for a new project entitled SpheryStream.

SpheryStream aims to design virtual and augmented reality systems (VR at large) for real-world use cases such as healthcare, entertainment, e-education, and high-risk missions by developing a coding/streaming/rendering chain that places the interactive user at the very heart of the system.

360 VR video is a novel media format that allows audiences to be immersed into the content and freely look around into any direction. This may be enabled through head-mounted displays or omni-directional dome projection systems.

One limitation for wider adoption is the huge size of the data to be transmitted to create a high quality experience, but SpheryStream will tackle this challenge by developing novel compression and streaming algorithms, which will take advantage of modelling human perception and behaviour, and be based on machine learning solutions.

As such, SpheryStream will enhance the visual sensation of future media systems.

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