Research Institute Publishes Analysis of Globalization in Action

Posted on: 19 December 2013

A new publication from Trinity College Dublin’s Institute for International Integration Studies offers a comprehensive analysis of the steady march of globalization over the last three decades. Enacting Globalization: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on International Integration was recently launched in the Trinity Long Room Hub, the Arts and Humanities Research Institute of Trinity.

Globalization has resulted in a vastly interconnected, integrated and interdependent world. How these interdependencies are managed is one of the great challenges facing our world. Published at pivotal moment for globalization, when the economic crisis has stalled the globalisation process, Enacting Globalization offers a timely analysis of global integration across its myriad manifestations through multiple disciplinary lenses.

Pictured at the launch of ‘Enacting Globalisation’ were Francis Jacobs, Head of the European Parliament Information Office, and Dr Louis Brennan, Director of IIIS. 

The book offers readers the opportunity to delve deep into critical facets of globalization while at the same time delivering a panoramic view of global integration in action. The book features over 40 different contributors from international experts from the disciplines of business, economics, sociology, geography, law, ecumenics, medicine, politics and development.

Key Contributions:

  • Jim Stewart, Low Corporate Tax Rates and Economic Development
  • Frances Ruane, Iulia Siedschlag and Gavin Murphy, Globalization and Ireland’s Export Performance
  • Philip Lane, Reflections on Capital flows in the Euro Area
  • Louis Brennan and Tae Hoon Kim, Europe’s Response to Non-Traditional Sources of Investment
  • James Wickham, Alicja Bobek, Sally Daly, Torben Krings, Elaine Moriarty and Justyna Salamońska,  Learning from Poland? What Recent Mass Immigration to Ireland Tells Us about Contemporary Irish Migration
  • Anne Wren and Máté Fodor, Varieties of Partisan Capitalism and Globalization of Service Markets

Focusing on the enactment of globalization, Enacting Globalization is organised around seven thematic areas: development, Europe, globalization flows, industries and enterprises, migrant activism, perspectives on emigration and immigration and rules and law.

Enacting Globalization has its origins in the tenth anniversary conference of the Institute for International Integration Studies at Trinity in 2012. Since the Institute’s establishment in 2002, it has flourished as a centre of scholarly enquiry into the multifaceted aspects of globalization.

Dr Louis Brennan, Director of Trinity’s Institute for International Integration Studies and editor of Enacting Globalization, commented: “This is a timely and significant contribution to the discourse on the process of globalization and its outcomes. With contributions from renowned scholars across a range of disciplines, the book captures the rich diversity of globalization across its broad expanse while providing deep explorations of its specific aspects.  In doing so, the book enhances our understanding of a phenomenon that has been so central to the shaping of our world in recent decades.”

The book was launched on Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 by Francis Jacobs, Head of the European Parliament Information Office.


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