Provost and Indian Ambassador plant tree to commemorate Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary

Posted on: 05 December 2019

The Provost, Dr Patrick Prendergast and Indian Ambassador to Ireland, Sandeep Kumar jointly planted a peace Trachycarpus fortunei Palm tree on campus to celebrate 150 years since the birth of Mahatma Gandhi on December 4th.

Trinity’s relationships with India goes back to the 18th century and has been growing and flourishing since then. Speaking at the event, the Provost, Dr Patrick Prendergast said:

“A tree is the perfect symbol for Mahatma Gandhi, whose 150th anniversary we celebrate this year. Gandhi is an icon for people everywhere.

A vanishingly small number of people – anywhere at any period – have had the impact of Gandhi. To evoke Gandhi or ‘the Mahatma’ is to evoke values of peace, love and ecology. These are values we hold dear in Trinity. By planting this Trachycarpus fortunei tree here on campus, we remind ourselves to try and live up to these values. We will not succeed as well as Gandhi, but we can aspire.”

Provost Patrick Prendergast and Indian Ambassador to Ireland Sandeep Kumar planting a tree

Over the past five years, Trinity has developed several connections with industries in India. The tree-planting was followed by a research meeting to explore possibilities for more industry collaboration between Trinity and Indian companies.

“Industry collaboration is a particularly dynamically growing area. A number of Indian companies have their European headquarters here in Dublin. There is great potential for research and innovation collaboration, and I know there is plenty of goodwill and excitement on both sides to make this happen,” the Provost added.

The Provost concluded by reminding every one of Gandhi’s belief – “Be the change that you want to see in the world” as a hope to achieve collaborations with Indian universities and industry.