Professor Patrick Prendergast is Elected Provost of Trinity College Dublin

Posted on: 02 April 2011

Professor Patrick Prendergast has been elected Provost of Trinity College Dublin.  He will be the 44th Provost of the College and takes over from the current Provost Dr John Hegarty on August 1st, this year.

Professor Patrick Prendergast is Professor of Bio-Engineering and Vice-Provost/ Chief Academic Officer* at Trinity College Dublin, and became the Provost elect today after an election involving Trinity College staff and students. The Provostship has a term of ten years, during which the Provost is responsible for leading the College in achieving its core mission in education and research, and in strengthening its position as Ireland’s leading university on the world stage.   The Provost also plays a central role in the College’s collegial way of life and cultural climate, and in continuing Trinity’s active engagement with society.

“I am deeply honoured to have been elected the Provost of Trinity College Dublin, the youngest Provost since Provost Andrews, elected in 1758. At the outset of the campaign I asked the College electorate for my own mandate for a new and different kind of Provostship. This has now been granted to me and I am determined to use my experience and proven ability to stand up for Trinity’s interests and to protect our core mission of education and research. I look forwarding to beginning my term as Provost on August 1st, ” said Professor  Prendergast.

Professor Patrick Prendergast celebrates with his family and supporters after being elected 44th Provost of Trinity College Dublin.


Originally from Oulart, Co. Wexford, Patrick Prendergast is Professor of  Bio-Engineering at Trinity College Dublin.  He first came to Trinity as an undergraduate student, graduating with an engineering degree in 1987 and a PhD in 1991.  After post-doctoral positions in Italy and the Netherlands, he returned to a lecturing post at Trinity in 1995, and was elected a Fellow in 1998.  Strongly committed to teaching and research, he established the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering in 2002, was elected MRIA in 2008 and awarded an ScD in 2009.  He served as Dean of Graduate Studies 2004-7 and was appointed Vice-Provost/ CAO in 2008.